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this list was compiled before the Tsunami hit Asia, after which MAF05 lost sponsoring to cover flight expenses for invited artists. We still hope to have the invted artists with us in the second part of MAF05; in June.
some of the artists have chosen to show solidarity and arrive to Thailand with own funding or supported by some organizations . The organizers of MAF05 are greatfull for all their efforts.

Invited Artists -marked will arrive in February

Invited Performers

  • Holger Czukay and band (DE)
  • Stelarc (AU)

    Invited VJ:DJ

  • VJ Anyone (UK)
  • (DJ) Motorboy (UK)
  • VJ Olaf Meyer (AU)

    Invited Media Artists

  • Kevin Nave (FR)
  • Igor Stromajer (SL)
  • Derek Sajbel (US)
  • Tom Chambers (US/CHINA)
  • Curtis Bahn/Tomie Hahn (USA)
  • Pieter Zandvliet (NL)
  • Oron Catts and Ionat Zurr (Australia) - self supported
  • Alfredo Cramerotti (IT-DE-UK)

    Invited Art Bot developers

  • Stijn Slabbinck
  • Guy Van Belle
  • Gert Aertsen

    Invited Lecturers

  • Nikolaus Logothetis (DE)
  • Edward Bakst (SI/USA)
  • Christian Hogue (UK) - self supported
  • Marrie Diaz (CA)
  • Gianluca D'Agostino (IT)
  • Tjebbe van Tijen (NL)
  • Nira Pereg (IL)


  • Marco Brizzi (IT)
  • Shankar Barua (India)
  • Douglas Irving Repetto (USA)
  • Maria Rita Silvestri (IT)
  • Juhani Koivumaki (FI) - Finnish Cultural Exchange Fund
  • Michael Bielicky (CZ)
  • Lucinda Catchlove (CA) - own Fund

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