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about MAF

MAF as an ideal stage for cultural exchange

Because of their institutional character, museums often lend an 'aura' and 'artistic status' to everything they show. By contrast, MAF is adaptive, artistic, free.. MAF show artworks in contemporary social spaces, allowing local public to enjoy the interaction of an artistic happening, thus eliminating the usual distance between visitors and artworks. Our public is constantly in the middle of an event: the exhibition halls are transformed by installations and presentations which, together with artists-meetings, the screenings and the performances, create a total experience. The content of the festival is meant to provoke thought; in its informal format the festival is attractive for art enthusiasts as well as for those interested in communication, IT, cinema, design, and music.

Thailand New Media Arts Festival

MAF is committed to the exchange, innovation and celebration of ideas in the merger of art and technology. Three years of annual programming in collaboration with prestigious educational institutions and renowned artists has established the Media Arts Festival as Thailand's crucial link to a premier international network of media artists.

As an educational tool, MAF is a network that promotes innovation and idea exchange. Our directly propels economic growth connecting Thai artists with multiple industries and job markets and establishing a free global support network. MAF is a mediator between institution with a large network linking institutions in Thailand and international cultural support centers. MAF exhibited over six hundred new media works in six events and three annual festivals, and 60 workshops with over 40 visiting artists. MAF webiste gets over 50,000 visitor hits annually.


MAF05 presents a large array of screenings, lectures, performances, and presentations as well as exhibitions and installations in two separate parts. Over 200 international new media artists from 42 countries present their cutting edge work on the vital topic of the effect of digital technology on boundaries.

The festival explore the increasing available communication technology that is now blurring boundaries of virtual and physical space. Topics include the new distinctions of personal privacy, cyberspace communities and biological innovations; literally and metaphorically, "digital skin" is a new term for cross-platform hyper-connective interfacing.

MAF05_FEB [ 25-28th February 2005 ]

Dedicated to the victims of the tsunami, the festival will foster global solidarity and cultural rebuilding. Alongside international forums, there will be performances, screenings and lectures by international visiting artists.

MAF05_FEB highlights include video works in collaboration with 'iMage' Festival, Italy, VideoChannels2005 Germany, Idea India, a programme of Finnish video art curated by Juhanni Koviomaeki, a compilation of canadian video works by Lucinda Catchlove, a programe curated by the Academy of fine arts Prague [Love-Erotica-Sex] (CZ); performances by Thai and international artists as Jakraphun Thanateeranon (TH), Sylvia vinkler, Stephen koperl (DE), Vijay Singh (SI); Alfred Banze (de) in collaboration with Wannapa Prongen (TH); VJ:DJ sets by "Studio Good Citizen" (TH), Christian Hogue (UK), Motorboy (UK) to images by VJ Anyone, lectures and presentations with visiting artists Oron Catts, Ionat Zurr [TC&A] (AU), [Digital Fine Art] presentation by Ak Don Cham Pi (MA), video presentations by Jung-Chul Hur (South Korea) and Mick Skolnick (USA).

MAF05_FEB major sponsor is Bed SupperClub Bangkok, Halo Productions Co. Ltd and and ICECA Thailand.

MAF05_JUNE[24-28 June 2005]

The MAF05_JUNE is planned as a full scale multi-media extravaganza in a scale never presented in Thailand before. It will draw on the innovations of MAF recent annual new media festivals and especially linked to the first partof MAF05 of February. MAF05_JUNE will host a full range of lectures, presentations, exhibits, interactive installations, and performances.

MAF05_JUNE's innovation the "Thai Commissioned New Media Art" section - a first in the history of contemporary art in Thailand. Financial grants awarded to young Thai artists support the creation of original media art that will be highlighted at the festival and abroad at partnering arts festivals.

MAF05_JUNE will also present our content partnership with international curators of other Media Festivals as a platform for idea exchange. MAF05 June establishes exchange links with "BananaRAM" Festival to offer a selection of multi-user interactive network exhibits, with "ArtBots Festival" from USA to bring a selection of art-making-robots, and with "The IDEA" from India to present a show of a variety of net.art, digital-imaging, interactive and sound projects.

MAF05_JUNE will compensate and present over sixty works submitted to MAF05 but their exhibition was postponed due to the Asian Disaster. Those works and installations will take place at MAF05_JUNE four venues: [MediaArtVenue] Bed SupperClub, [art@bar] British Council of Thailand, [MAF05_screen] Alliance Francaise of Bangkok, Siam Square [CenterPoint] open air giant screen, [Public_Attraction] at Playground! Thong Lor.

MAF05_JUNE major sponsor is AV Systems Co. Ltd.

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